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Gesture Drawings

These guestures were timed from 30 seconds to a minute and a half.

Exaggeration 5.jpg
Exaggeration 3.jpg
Exaggeration 4.jpg
Exaggeration 2.jpg
Exaggeration 1.jpg
Extrapolation 5.jpg
Extrapolation 4.jpg
Extrapolation 2.jpg
Extrapolation 3.jpg
Extrapolation 1.jpg
Story 1.jpg
Story 2.jpg
Story 3.jpg
Story 4.jpg
Space 5.jpg
Space 4.jpg
Space 3.jpg
Space 2.jpg
Space 1.jpg
Shape 5.jpg
Shape 4.jpg
Shape 3.jpg
Shape 2.jpg
Shape 1.jpg
Line 5.jpg
Line 4.jpg
Line 3.jpg
Line 2.jpg
Line 1.jpg
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